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BMW Has All Fans Raring To Test Drive The Upcoming M4 GT3 With Wide Hips And Huge Wings

BMW has been a name that evoked wonder and surprise for long years on account of its spectacular fleet of automobiles offered to its users regularly. It is known to provide most powerful cars that an be rightly termed as mighty machines. The top dealership for BMW Greensboro is not far behind when it comes to satisfying its clients every time.

Unfortunately, its peppy slogan of, “Ultimate Driving Machine” has not quite been fulfilled feel the BMW fans across the nation. Now they have something to look forward to once again. The awesome M4 vehicle has been launched at long last with the fans cheering lustily by endorsing the exciting features.

bmw M4 GT3

You are sure to be amazed at the apparent might it conveys. The body of the automobile certainly does look menacing perched on its extraordinary wide haunches. The rear wing pales every other feature with its girth while a bit of camouflage paint noticed in the teaser images will fill you with wonder and admiration.

How it Begun?


BMW reveals that the actual work on M4 GT3 has been going on for years alongside its street model. However, it was in 2019 that a 60% scale model could be tested in the wind tunnels of Munich. Computer simulations took care of the design with its chassis being manufactured in BMW’s Germany factory in early 2020.

BMW fans were elated to learn of the first test model being unveiled after completion of its chassis design.

bmw M4 GT3-2

What is being offered?

You may not be able to understand the extent of its design by looking at the teaser photographs. However, the wide coupe along with its rear wings, diffuser at the back as well as the window vents is visible in the image. Look a bit hard and you will get a sneak peek of its interior as well. Do not fail to inquire about it by contacting an authorized BMW Greensboro NC dealership.

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