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Audi RS2 Avant Retains Its Performance Despite The Passage Of Time

All Audi fans have had their fantasies fulfilled with a perfect Audi variant rolled out periodically. Not only the advanced models happen to be aesthetically pleasing but you might be spoilt for choice on finding at least 12 Audi RS models to select from. You might even pay a visit to the nearest dealership showcasing the best Audi Greensboro NC.


Well, there is nothing wrong in favoring RS3 Sportsback or RS Sedan or even opt for the latest RS Q8. You certainly cannot ignore RS2 Avant that has been going on fr an astounding 26 years at a run with very little to find fault.

Audi RS2 Avant (1)

It certainly makes sense to joggle your memory and revisit 1994 when the humble Audi 80 was transformed into the sedate but functional RS2 Avant with the aid of Porsche. Strangely Audi only manufactured a limited number of these wagons, ceasing its production after churning out 2900 units.

That has not deterred the wagon lovers though who express their satisfaction with the RS line. The RS2 Avant boasted of six different speeds in its gear box that had to be operated manually. The heavy engine was fine tuned by Porsche with its output being pretty amazing and remains hard to beat even today.

Audi RS2 Avant-2

Yes! Audi made sure to design the body but the assorted parts of this 19994 marvel were assembled at Porsche’s production plant at Zuffenhausen. Porsche also made sure to add an improved version of suspension along with brakes in order to match the engine capacity. This effort proved to be boon for RS2 Avant, however. The collaboration of Audi & Porsche resulted in the speediest wagon of the day.

It had been a spectacular auto then as it is now with the present owner needing to avoid an Audi repair frequently by opting for cleaning and detailing services.

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