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Features To Look Forward To In The Upcoming BMW G22 4 Series Coupe

Certain details about the BMW G22 4 Series Coupe have come to light recently in view of its upcoming debut expected in June-July 2020. It has been given a bold look with several details that could polarize the Auto enthusiasts. Furious debating over the pros and cons of its features are expected to break out soon too.



Visit a BMW service center in your vicinity to get the latest scoop on the new generation car of Series 4 and you will come to know the truth well in advance. Although a set of spy shots taken well before the beginning of the month had shown promise with a part of the automobile exposed to reveal specific details, yet the camouflage had been effective with BMW fans hoping for more revelation with every passing month.

The side profile of this Coupe is looking clean albeit revealing a strong influence of the featured Concept 4. The lower windows have also been found to be sloping towards the rear end of the vehicle forming a revised Hofmeister kink (a classic BMW feature). Unfortunately, not too much detail could be uncovered from the photographs but the Hofmeister kink appears to be almost identical to that of the Concept 4. The reinterpretation is open to discussion and may not be too obvious in the Coupe.


You may be in for a surprise when the details of its interior are revealed as well. The dashboard is likely to be in the lines of BMW 3 series but the other details will follow 4 Series closely. A serious BMW owner would be more interested in the engine though. It suffices to know that the engines for all its models are heavily influenced by the 3 series. 420i with 184 PS/181 hp as well as 420d with 190 PS/187 hp are sure to be found in the first few models that will also feature the mild hybrid models and electrification. The 430i with 258 PS/255 hp & 430d with 265 PS/261 hp are also in the offing with the best models for the range including 374 PS/368 hp for the European market and 374 PS/382 hp in USA.

You may be elated to learn about a “plug-in hybrid variant” for future models. Check wit h the reputed BMW repair service center and body shop to learn more about the beautiful Coupe destined to make a difference.

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