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Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept: Is It Worth a Second Look

Volkswagen has succeeded in surprising auto enthusiasts with its latest offering, the, “Atlas Cross Sport Concept.” It is a latest entry into the SUV segment loaded with amazing features. Will the five-seater Volkswagen be able to outclass its competitors in the same segment? Well, time will tell definitely but you have the opportunity of comparing it and find out the results.


Where does it stand?

Check out the vehicles available at Volkswagen Greensboro dealerships to figure out whether it is going to work for you. It is a SUV alright with impressive features and a size that is exactly right. In other words, the auto is certainly not too huge like an Escalade nor a tiny thing in lines of the Nissan Juke. On the contrary, it can seat 5 people comfortably and carry a lot of luggage in addition. You could term it as a modern SUV instead of a traditional one.


Look at its features and check out its appearance before making a decision favoring the investment. Well, it is not an eyesore but given the generality of its features that happen to be more functional than groovy, you might find it a good fit and suited to your requirement. A conventional family of four will not find the interiors too crowded with the inclusion of a hybrid drivetrain taking it to yet another level.


Volkswagen has been promoting its “modular transverse matrix (MQB) platform” rather aggressively so that you can safely look for an entire range of choices in engine. The V6 FSI engine of 3.6-liter has been showcased in the concept as well. It can be deciphered as getting 276 horsepower along with 266 lb-ft. torque. However, the final output will be increased with the aid of two electric motors in addition. The final outcome is impressive with 355 horsepower and 1,439,294 lb-ft. torque. What does it mean actually? Well, you will find VW Concept attain 60 in just about 5.4 minutes and can be made to go at 130 mph if needed.

Will the real Concept be available for auto drivers anytime soon? That’s a million dollar question at the moment but the proposed drivetrain can be utilized in other vehicles of the future. Check with the nearest dealership or Volkswagen service center about the details of VW Concept meanwhile.

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