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2019 Audi E-tron versus Mercedes-Benz EQC – An Ultimate Comparison Guide

2019 Audi E-tron versus Mercedes-Benz EQC

Suddenly car lovers have got interested in the world of electric SUV. Mercedes-Benz has just launched the EQC and now Audi is also joining the battlefield with the E-tron.

The Audi marketing team has already presented E-tron. Electric cars are nothing new in the market, and now is the moment to compare brands such as Mercedes Benz and Audi.

In September, Mercedes has labeled the letter “C” to the “EQ” brand that becomes the collective name for all electrical models of the brand. The “C” stands for the segment to which the car belongs. Hence, the Mercedes Benz EQC amazes the crowd that are on the lookout for a compact SUV, similar in size to the GLC.

The E-tron is 4.9 meter long, and 1.94 meter wide, and 1.62 meter high. The model is 24 centimeters longer than the Q5, 10 centimeters shorter than the Q7. Similarly, it is 14 centimeters longer than the Mercedes Benz EQC. The wheelbase measures 2.93 meters which is 6 centimeters more than the Mercedes with 2.87 meters, notes experts from Audi service.

Compared to its regular driven brother, the EQC has an unloaded weight of 2.425 kg. 650 kg. With the battery, the total weight of the E-tron might be around 2400 kilos. It comes up with a seating arrangement for five passengers and the standard luggage compartment accessible via an electrically operated tailgate which offers 600 liters of luggage volume. Besides, 60 liters can be found in the nose of the plug-Audi. Meanwhile, the Mercedes lacks front storage space and has luggage capacity of 100 liters. The EQC also shares same amount of seats: 5. By folding the backseat in the Audi, you can carry 1.725 liters.

The interior of the Audi E-tron boasts of striking options including virtual mirrors, door-mounted cameras that serve as side mirrors and send their images to 7-ich OLED screens located next to the dashboard on the door panels. The EQC, on the other hand, features the MBUX multimedia system, which was introduced in the current generation of Class A.

Over all both models are impressive in their own right. If you own a 2019 Audi E-tron, take it to the nearby auto body shop for Audi service Greensboro for regular maintenance and care.

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