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How To Accommodate a Christmas Tree in Your Land Rover

Accommodate a Christmas Tree in Your Land Rover

It will be soon that you will be hearing the jingle bells and there will be a rush in the house for setting up the Christmas tree by the furnace. Children will be shouting to get the gifts and the decorations for the tree and they will be eager to hang the stockings. Christmas is magical and without a big and impressive Christmas tree, the magic is incomplete. For most of us, the problem is not getting the Christmas tree, but how to bring it home in the family Land Rover. If you are a Land Rover Greensboro owner and thinking of how to tackle this problem, then there are a few handy ways in which you can go about doing the same.

Holiday Tips for Land Rover Greensboro Owner

How to bring home the Christmas Tree without Damaging Your Car and The Tree?

Land Rover owners are often two minds about how to get the tree home in their vehicle. The trick is in tackling it right, and there are some quick tips from the experts offering Land Rover service Greensboro NC regarding how to be smooth with the Christmas tree. Just follow the list and you might be bringing a nice Christmas tree home without destroying it, or scarring your car.

  • Have a rough idea of the space where you are going to put the tree up. There is no point in getting a huge tree if you can’t set it up nicely.
  • If it is possible, fit roof rails or a roof rack on your Land Rover.
  • Carry sturdy ropes or bungee cords in plenty.
  • Do not forget to carry a blanket or waterproof sheet.
  • Adhere to the proper measurements rather than following your fancy.
  • Have the tree netted.
  • While loading the tree on the roof, place the stump forwards.
  • Tie the tree strongly, and re-check.
  • Do not speed up. Since you are carrying a heavy weight on the roof, make sure that you are driving with steady hands.

Your Land Rover is a costly piece of machine and if it is a new one, then you would not want to get it scratched. Keeping the festive spirit alive, bring home the mighty Christmas tree and usher in the happiness and joy of the Christmas festivities.

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