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More About Mercedes Benz Tires – All Season, Summer and Winter Tires

Mercedes Benz Greensboro Tires

So, your tires are under-inflated. Driving a car with worn out tires is really dangerous. If the tire pressure is too low, chance of friction is way high on the road. Increased friction can lead overheat which can cause premature wear, tread separation, and blowouts. To find yourself on the safe side on the road, choosing the right tire for your vehicle is mandatory.

Mercedes-Benz Tires Greensboro NC

You’ve got plenty of options in Mercedes-Benz Greensboro NC, but unless you’ve got an off-road rig, your decision will likely boil down to three basic choices: summer, winter, and all season tires.

Summer Tires:

Usually summer tires are the best fit for the warmer weather. Made from softer rubber compound, they are typically fitted with large tread blocks to offer maximum contact with the road in summer season. These tires generally come up with more grip in both wet and dry conditions and are widely known for optimal cornering and braking capabilities. However, as winter approaches, the performance of these tires get affected, with cornering performance greatly impaired and traction remarkably suffers.

About Mercedes Benz Tires

Winter Tires:

As the temperature drops below 45 degrees, the car should be treated with a set of winter tires. These tires are manufactured with a deep tread pattern and a series of very thin cuts called sipes across the tread. The deep tread can help push excess slush buildup, while the sipes are built to provide extra grip on snow and ice. The rubber used in winter tires are typically designed to provide more grip on cold, dry road. No matter you experience snow regularly or not, winter tires are still your best bet when temperature drops.

All Season Tires:

The vast majority of new cars that arrive at dealers come equipped with all-season tires. The biggest advantage of using this tires is that they can perform adequately on dry or wet roads or roads that have a light snow. However, unlike summer tires, they do not have the handling and grip levels. They may last longer than summer or winter tires, and are able to tread on ski slopes. however, they won’t stop and corner as well as winter tires can when the weather turns cold. In short, they are the “jack of all trade, but master of none”.

Now, what you want to buy depends on your budget, convenience, and the worst-case scenario. Figure out how much money you can spend. Purchase tires to accommodate those factors. Bring your vehicle in for tire inspection and tire rotation at Mercedes-Benz repair Greensboro NC auto body shop.

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