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4 Top Reasons for a BMW Engine Overheating

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Owning a BMW is like a dream come true. For many, it remains only a dream, while in a few cases, the dream gets fulfilled. Now just imagine how annoying it could be when you are driving to attend an urgent meeting only to encounter overheating under the hood. Let’s find out some causes of engine overheating.

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Coolant Leak

Your BMW’s engine should treated with coolant in order to keep the temperature of the engine in check. The summer season takes a toll on the engine, causing a coolant leak. Air enters into the system through the leak, creating a pocket of air that affects the coolant flow. Inadequate coolant flow or coolant leaks are major signals of engine overheating. To be more specific, without coolant, the engine fails to maintain its optimal temperature, notes BMW service Greensboro expert.

Clogged Cooling System

As stated before, when coolant fails to properly flow through BMW’s engine, a temperature malfunction arises. A clogged cooling system is the result of one of the few causes such as, a malfunctioning thermostat, debris, or natural buildup. A contaminated cooling system cannot help circulate the coolant, leading to the overheating of the engine.

Wrong Type of Coolant

Believe it not not, the types of coolant required vary from car to car. More so, what type of coolant you will need particularly depends on what type of conditions you are in. For BMW, you will need a specific type of coolant. Hence, it is important to choose the right type of coolant for your engine, for the viscosity must match or you might land up with overheating issues. To gather more knowledge on it, be sure to go through your owner’s manual. In case you are not unable to understand it, contact the manufacturer directly. BMW makes its own brand of coolant as well, which one might consider buying.

Water Pump Failure

According to body shop Greensboro experts, the water pump is a vital part of the cooling system. The pump is what helps keep the circulation of coolant in tact, when it begins to show signs of wear, therefore, should be replaced to avoid overheating. Procrastinating with the process of replacement means you are sure to encounter overheating.

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