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How Audi’s Latest Infotainment System Is Making Driving Even Better

Latest Infotainment System Audi Greensboro

Audi recently introduced the new infotainment system which is called the MMI Touch Response and is known to revolutionize the driving experiences around the world. The new edition cars will have the new infotainment system in place of the previous rotary dial. The new models will now have two displays instead of one. The navigation, media and most of the car’s settings will be handled by the top 10.1-inch main screen, while the new smaller 8.6-inch display will handle the climate controls, text input and shortcuts. It is a completely new revolution for drivers who are fans of the fan of digital climate controls.

The new MMI allows the drivers to quickly write the letters in sequence. It means you can get a complete word just by writing the letters one over the other. Audi’s new flatter menu system is expected to be a success with most car owners. Another feature that will help the car owners is that, the most used features such as the navigation, home-screen, media, phone, etc. are shifted to the left-hand side of the screen to provide better access.

Audi’s new cars will be packed with other upgraded features such as the voice control that will now support natural language and can also find places along the driver’s route; the climate control doubles as a shortcut to other features such as places, people, media and other frequently used items.

Updated Information System Audi Greensboro

The upgrades show how much the company is serious about providing improved driving experiences. It is attempt on part of the company to surpass system such as CarPlay and Android Auto that have helped people to make their drives better. This is a step forward to make driving even more safe and comfortable and the first step towards creating autonomous vehicles. Thus, Audi is working hard to revolutionize the automobile industry.

However, Audi owners must also join hands with the company to improve their experiences. This means they need to choose the right Audi repair Greensboro NC provider that understands the latest systems and can help them understand and maintain without much trouble. They must also make sure they get on-time Audi repair so that minor problems are taken care of before they become serious. Luxury car buyers can now improve their drive manifolds by choosing an Audi with the latest infotainment system.

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