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2018 Audi Q5 Stands for Comfort, Style, and Dynamics

2018 Audi Q5

Comfortable, quiet, and elegantly styled, the Audi Q5 is characterized by its premium look and feel that crossover buyers crave. Equipped with a turbo 2.0 liter four cylinder and a sever-speed automatic, the Audi Q5 gives you sheer driving experience at an impressive 252-hp. The cabin is well-finished and equipped with a 7.0-inch infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. An 8.3-inch display is optional, so is the 12.3-inch driver-facing gauge cluster. All Q5 offers automatic braking and powerliftgate.

The infotainment system is intuitive and comes equipped with an onboard Wi-Fi hotspot and both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Audi also comes with cool Virtual Cockpit digital gauge cluster as an option on even the base model, and it also offers navigation and a larger central infotainment display, notes Audi service expert.

2018 Audi Q5 Service

Unlike Porsche Macan, the Q5 may not be a performance driving machine, but it’s well-rounded nature, impressive refinement, and gorgeous persona can surely jumpstart your heart.

It might be hard to tell at a glance, but the Q5 is indeed all new for 2018. Along with more high-tech feature and a fuel-efficient turbocharged four cylinder, the modernized styling inside and out gives the car a complete new look.

Stepping inside, you can find enough room for four adults. Besides, you will have plenty of upscale features. The cabin is both quiet at speed and easy to get into and out of. What leaves you wondering is awkward position of the front-seat cupholders.

Offering the most front and rear-seat headroom in this matchup, the Q5 may accommodate taller adults better than rivals. Legroom in both rows is average, but in practice, the cabin feels spacious and airy.

2018 Audi Q5 Greensboro

The Q5 is undoubtedly good-looking and it cuts a marvelous silhouette in any of its three trims. Its compact shape simplifies the work of maneuvering into and out of tight spots, and high-tech exterior lighting casts an upscale glow at the front and rear.

The Q5 has done incredibly well in crash test from both NHTSA and HHS. Some of the most common safety features include forward collition brae,automatic emergency back, and so on.

If you own an Audi, you can keep it for long in top condition by bringing it in for Audi service, Greensboro.

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