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Treat Your Car’s Interior with Regular Service and Maintenance

2019 Range Rover SV Coupe Interior

If you own a car, you must be aware of the depreciation – at least how it’s plated by the folks who buy and sell them.

Even by driving your new shiny car off the dealership, the meter starts running slowly downward o its value.

So, what it requires to keep a vehicle’s value as high as possible? According the auto body shop Greensboro experts, the best way is to take care of the outside with regular washes throughout the year, extra cleanings during the winter. At the same time, it is also imperative to pay attention to all recommended service appointments and oil changes.

But, what about the interior? What kinds of things should car owners consider to keep interior neat, clean, and orderly?

Do not allow the food and drink in the car, and be read to implement this rule. Kids, family members, co-workers, even yourself, often accidentally end up spilling a snack or meal in your car or have left something behind, be it an old French fry or a spilled milkshake. The former is much easier to clean than the latter, but are not always easy to notice. Get strict with the rule that by no means should people eat meals or snack on the road.

Cover surfaces as much as possible. Start with floor mats, which keep you from tracking in mud or dirt or grinding it into the carpets with you feet. Add seat covers, which can protect seat upholstery, may aid posture and even help customize the look of your car.

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Don’t forget to vacuum regularly.while washing your car, consider taking a few minutes afterward and using one of the lot’s power vacuums. Or if you are home, you can use a shop vac or even or even your household vacuum. Use the smallest brush setting to get into smaller cracks and crevices. Vacuum under seats and mats as well.

Leave your windows slightly open to vent hot air. But refrain from doing this if rain is in the forecast. Also be sure to wipe you seats and the glass. If you have leather seats, regular maintenance is mandatory to keep them from drying, cracking, and getting discolored or stained.

For quality service and maintenance, bring your car in your nearby auto body shop Greensboro, NC.

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