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A Sneak-Peak into Mercedes-Benz Active Safety System Technologies

Mercedes-Benz Greensboro Safety System

Mercedes Benz always keeps itself ahead of the game when it comes to the safety features in its vehicles. Advanced safety has been a core component of how Mercedes Benz vehicles are engineered. When it comes to safety, Mercedes-Benz is always looking to get on with the future technology. Upon embracing partially autonomous active safety features, the Mercedes Benz active safety system technologies can keep on the safer side on the road.

Mercedes Benz Greensboro active safety system technologies

Active Blind Spot Assist:

The technology includes a radar system that monitors the area around your vehicle can alert you to the vehicles coming in your car’s blind spots. While looking to change lanes, the system plays a great role in keeping you from a collision. It will bring you safely back into own lane by applying brakes while changing lanes. A red triangle on the side view mirrors will be seen if the system detects cars in your blind spots, notes a Mercedes Benz service expert.

Mercedes-Benz Greensboro Safety System

Active Lane Keeping Assist:

This system can warn the you when you unintentionally leave your lane and can use one-sided braking intervention to bring the vehicle back into its lane. This system uses a camera to recognize lane marking. It can alert the drivers by vibrating the steering wheel, and then, if necessary, by applying braking power to keep the vehicle within lane.

Brake Assist Plus:

This safety mechanism is designed to help drivers come to a stop more quickly during an episode of emergency braking. It measures the speed and force the brake application when there is a risk of a forward collision. During such an emergency, the system applies optimal braking power to allow the driver to take advantage of the Antilock Braing System which prevents wheel lock up. It also uses a radar system and camera to detect other cars or pedestrians in front of the vehicle, intervening if necessary.

Pre-Safe with Pedestrian Recognition:

The system works with the Brake Assist Plus to detect pedestrians. It also uses a stereo camera and a system of long, medium, and short range radars to monitor the road ahead of you. Receiving the information, a computer calculates if there is a risk of a collision and helps prevent it.

Do not compromise the with the safety on the road. Have your vehicle road ready by treating it to Mercedes-Benz repair Greensboro NC.

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