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BMW Revels Concept X7: An iPerformance Ultra Luxury SUV Car Enthusiasts Love To Drive

For quite some time, the BMW X7 has not been seen in the market, and even BMW has been releasing some teasers on and off. As of now, the market only gets to see a prototype of how the all-new X7 is going to look. The X6 has always been the flagship SUV model for the brand as of now, but going by the specs that the X7 is going to bear, it is expected that the X6 will soon be dethroned. However, brands like Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Volvo and Range Rover must be aware since the X7 is going to pose some tough competition in the segment where the GLS, Q7, and XC90 belonged. Apart from being the SUV, it is also going to be the Sports Activity Vehicle.

Of all the aspects, the first look at the BMW Greensboro will draw one’s attention to those massive wheels and the boxy proportions to stay in touch with the bold styling and urban feel. The flared wheel arches, the 23-inch alloy wheels, and substantial ground clearance gives an added touch to the new BMW X7. BMW has decided to go bold with the design, and be it the front or rear styling; the production version is going to go loud enough. The muscular and rugged tone helps it to make its presence felt in the market.


The interior is claimed to bear the most luxurious of all features that have ever been provided by BMW service Greensboro NC. The futuristic interior designing features have been portrayed by the concept of six-seater cabin that BMW draws in the X7 for the first time. The front and second-row seating capability has been mounted on the pedestals, which gives some added toe space to the passengers. Such improvements are indeed minute, but the impact it has on the market is quite significant.

Expected to make the public debut later in 2018, the X7 iPerformance has already set blazing rumors across the world. All you need to do is stay updated with whatever the brand comes up in their next release.

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