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The 2019 Mercedes G-Class: Vintage Looks with Modern Technology

Those who closely follow the automobile world, and are enthusiastic about the latest advancements knows that Mercedes Benz Greensboro has been working on the refined version of the G-Wagen and are ready to show it off to the entire world. However, there’s even a year left for the world to see it, but there have been some news and info about the model coming from the insiders. It is expected to rely on the boxy, iconic look that the vintage version once held, but definitely will find all the modern features that Mercedes Benz has developed on its own.

Mercedes Benz Greensboro


Since there are several strategies applied by the brands, Mercedes-Benz has made sure to blend the retro look and modern technology. The G-Mode signifies the off-road system, and it is something that the brand believes most of the users will forget to use. When explained by the representatives from Mercedes, they say that it is something that enables the users to lock the differentials or even the low range mode. Apart from this, it also opens up the capability to change the steering throttle and even the shocks.

There have been several rumors, but what the actual news is, the G-Class will also have better off-road skills than the predecessors. The entire credit to this goes to the double wishbone at the front axle and a rigid rear axle. The independent front suspension, which has also been incorporated, will give some stability, and as far as the dimensions are concerned, it is slightly bigger in length. This is precisely where Mercedes Benz has played the trick. Even though it looks almost same to their predecessors, these slight changes in dimensions have indeed contributed a lot to the performance as well.

Also, it has been reported by Mercedes Benz service Greensboro that the interior has been revamped and the modern in-line technology has been craftily installed. The new infotainment system, MBOX might play the trump card, because the conventional model of the G-Class will have the classy interior. Even though a specific release date is yet to be announced, it is not going to come out anytime around this year. So you need to wait one more year. However, these bits of information are going to make you waiting sweeter.

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