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2018 Land Rover Range Rover Evoque: The Best Luxury SUV

There are times when brands make themselves their own competition, just what Land Rover has done to itself. The Land Rover Evoque has always been the most favored collection of the off-roaders. Even though the performance of Evoque has not been much like of an SUV, it seems to be a genuine Land Rover every time you ride in it. The off-road capability cannot be ignored.

Land Rover Greensboro

However, the Evoque has got multiple characteristics which keep it utterly distinct from the competition. But of all the features that Land Rover Greensboro provides in Evoque, the interior catches the most attention. However, one cannot ignore the excellent build quality and also the fine materials. The aesthetics that has been maintained have been highly praised. Irrespective of the trim, the interior has been kept stunning, and the automatic gear selector has risen out of the central console.

What makes the Land Rover lovers interested in the Evoque are the specs that are available under the hood. The two 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engines are comfortable enough to deliver 237 horsepower and 251 lb-ft of torque. Each of these engines has been mated to 9-speed automatic transmission and gives an impressive acceleration of 60 miles per hour within 6 seconds.

As far as safety is concerned, there are multiple features which give the added confidence not just to the passengers within, but also to the experts of Land Rover repair Greensboro. They believe that with electronic brake-force distribution, emergency brake lights and emergency brake assist, corner brake control, and plenty of added technologies nicely installed, can help the 2018 Evoque pass the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration tests.

To end the discussion about the Land Rover Evoque, the visual masterpiece of the interior needs to be mentioned once more. The way luxury has been integrated into the loud and noisy interior gives special credit to the designers. All those who love to provide an energetic feel while being behind the wheels is sure to get them. However, there are minor rectifications to be made which the entire world is waiting to see in the upcoming models.

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