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Upcoming VW Polo SUV – What To Expect

Stagnancy is something no business would like to achieve, and whenever there’s a product-specific market to deal with, preventing them from evolution will actually lead to stagnancy. Volkswagen felt this fear of hitting stagnancy, and in order to avoid it, they started working on the next generation Polo. They have already assaulted the SUV market earlier and now it continues with the crossover segment as well. They prefer calling it the T-Cross and there will be a bunch of styling features that are going to adorn the new model.

Volkswagen Greensboro

Going by the views of Volkswagen Greensboro designers, the next generation Polo SUV will be borrowing the styles from the orthodox T-Roc. So what one can expect is the full-width grille and the swollen wheel arches which adds to the rugged, tough and sportier look that the brand has always intended to have. Now since the Polo is venturing into a completely new segment, they had to make sure that the model can be clearly distinguished from the rest, and a raised height seemed to be a favorable feature.

The latest SUV designed by Volkswagen has been proposed to be built on the smallest version of the MQB platform, and it is expected that the range of models will start from 109 bhp 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo petrol unit. Apart from the manual units, the dual clutch auto gear boxes will also be delivered to enhance the performance

The unique identity that Volkswagen Greensboro NC ensures will make things more interesting because it bears the name of Polo SUV. The model is expected to be a strict five-seater with a perfect 60:40 so that a bigger cargo volume is being liberated. There have been some apprehensions of how the future models will look like, but there’s still something that’s not possible to know until the model launches in the market. The Polo SUV has been going through multiple tests of how it might look, but there’s lot to it. The world needs to wait till it makes a real-life presence.

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