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BMW’s latest compact SUV – New BMW X2 Gets Better and Bolder With Time

You might have had enough with SUVs, but BMW doesn’t seem like enough as they are up for filling yet another niche- the premium range of SUVs with the X2. Going by the nomenclature, one would not be mistaken if they guess it to be something between X1 and X3. It has indeed been designed to slot in between the entry level front drive based X1 and the larger X3. And as far as the design specifications are concerned, the model has been found more focused on style than outright practicality. Going by the tech specs fitted within the car, there are a lot of similarities with the X1 and the UKL2 platform is standard for the X2 as well.


Those who are aware of what is going on in the automobile industry must remember the launch of the Concept X2 earlier in 2016, and BMW Greensboro NC seems like materializing their concepts well. Even though the wheelbase has been kept intact with the X1, there are shorter overhangs to incorporate a dynamic look. The roof line has been lowered by 70 mm which gives the hatchback look rather than of the coupe SUV.

Drawing straight from the concept, the car also finds swept up back light, a rising window line, the ultra slim hatchback glass, and the brand’s badge inset into the C-pillar. While the base models find the 17-inch wheels, the expensive trim levels find the 20-inch rims. Just like the design outside, the inside of the X2 seems to be highly inspired from the X1 as well. The standard features of the X2 will include black panel instruments and the multi-functional steering wheel, however, those who are ready to pay extra will find the optional 8.8-inch touch sensitive iDrive panel and also a head-up display.

The technical experts of BMW repair Greensboro never seems to stop praising seven-speed dual clutch box that comes standard with the front wheel drive petrol engine. However, there is four-wheel drive diesel as alternatives which are equipped thoroughly with the eight-speed automatic gearbox as standard.
However, there’s lot more to come, and one might have to wait to find further enhancement in stability and performance. The automobile industry is all about change, and the smoother one goes through it, the better it gets.

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