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California XXL: A Gigantic Camper Van by Volkswagen Beasting Around

Having invested a lot in the luxury vehicle section, Volkswagen now tries their hand in the camper and RV industry. The year 2017 has been quite happening for people as they have already come up with the I.D. Buzz earlier, and now they are all ready to come up with an all-electronic interpretation of the classic minibus, which is capable enough to travel 270 miles on one charging. It’s nothing but the California XXL Camper that has even got a panoramic roof.


The designers of Volkswagen Greensboro has worked on the model for long, and the sleek design that has been provided combines well with all the perks of a van. Those who have studied the model well has agreed to the fact that Volkswagen designed this California XXL, to give some competition to the Mercedes-Benz Sprinters and Ford Transits. However, the regular California Camper Van is not sold in the US market even now, but as the latest model finds a bed, kitchen, and even a living area, it is expected the US market might tilt towards this all wheel drive.

Yes, it is just a concept, but such a concept is indeed a treat. The fixed ultratall roof cap gives the panoramic view for the California, and the all wheel drive Crafter transporter allows the van to have a body which gives 86 inches of standing room within. It’s huge, and the 143.3 inches of wheelbase and 114.2 inches of total height states that boldly. However, the Volkswagen Greensboro NC enthusiasts have noticed the interesting calculations in the measurements of length. The California finds 235.7 inches below the door handles, and 245.6 inches above them, and the extra bit of space that people wonder of, comes from the carved out area for the sleeping counters. However, the Ford Transit still beats the California XXL in dimensions.

The basic idea behind designing this Camper van was to get an usable model that has got tons of space within keeping the size compact. How strongly can it fit itself and rule the market is all about waiting. The thinner the gap between the concept and reality, the stronger the product in the automobile industry.

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