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The Important Features of Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept To Take A Note Of

There has been a lot of talking regarding the concept car that Mercedes-Benz has come up with. However, the name EQ stands for electric intelligence that generally revolves and is integrated with the electric cars, their services, technologies, and innovations. The experts claim it to be something more than just a car. The entire portfolio of the car will be encompassing the concept of future battery electric cars which are associated with the Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro.

Mercedes-Benz repair Greensboro NC

As far as the latest improvements are concerned, Mercedes-Benz already offers a suitable charging infrastructure for all the electric cars they have come up with. Apart from this, they have even got the wall-box which proves to be a fast charging station and a free application named ‘Charge & Pay’ which makes it convenient for the EQ owners to recharge even at public charging stations.

With EQ, the giant leader in the automobile industry shows how these electric cars can be easily moved into the fast lanes. With the appearance of sporty SUV coupes, this inaugurates a brand new line of electric cars. Generally, there are two electric motors accompanied by a system output which can be easily increased to 300 kilowatts. There are scalable battery components and a permanent all-wheel drive which easily determines the dynamic high-level performance that the car is capable of delivering.

As the performance section gets easily reviewed by the experts of Mercedes-Benz repair Greensboro NC, the design goes under a severely critical eye. Most of them have complied to the fact that it is the perfect blend of hotness and coolness which makes EQ the most awaited vehicle. Mercedes-Benz has always stuck to the basics while designing their models, and some of the quintessential characteristics have been the sensual purity and a distinctly contemporary look that helps their aim of creating an Avant-garde. The EQ has been actually designed while reinterpreting this design philosophy along with the dynamic characteristics of the coupe.

State of the art electric mobility is what defines Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept car and the fusion of appealing design and exceptional driving pleasure is something that the car enthusiasts can’t resist.

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