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Enhancing Touareg for a Better Ride Experience on Road

Volkswagen has always been one of the most sought after brands for car enthusiasts as the bold and stylish moves that the brand has shown in each of their models have been quite enthralling. Since the vulnerability of the automobile industry has already been proved, most of the brands try to keep up with the pace by updating their models thoroughly. As far as the luxurious SUVs for the year is concerned, the Volkswagen Touareg is a must look at. With a completely renovated interior, powerful engine options, high towing capacity and smoother handling, it poses a strong competition too much on the line.


Cars look lovely when they’re colorful. Available in nine bold colors, the Touareg seems to fit the unique style of all the car lovers. Apart from the amazing spectrum of colors that come handy, the 2017 Touareg has even got panoramic sunroof extending back on the rear seats as well, helping the riders to gaze over the beautiful scenery. The latest incorporation for Volkswagen Greensboro has been the Area View mode which utilizes all the four cameras on either side of the vehicles enabling a bird’s eye view for the driver. Since the crowd in the cities are increasing every single day, parking space gets clumsy, and this Bird View technology actually helps to park the vehicles in these tight spaces.

Apart from this, the latest development actually helps in seeing the cross traffic at intersections and determine when to wait for few seconds to make the difference. If you’re going for a premium luxury vehicle, there must be something than is not available with anyone at random, and Touareg from Volkswagen Greensboro NC makes sure to do it with their safety features. The Adaptive Cruise Control technology helps the vehicle to stay at a particular distance from the vehicle speeding ahead, and this can be pre-set. While riding on the highways, there’s a tendency for most of the vehicles to veer over other lanes, and it is the Lane Assist that helps Touareg to give alert to the drivers and set back on the track.

Scheduling a test drive will actually help to get the feel of all that has been discussed above because words cannot describe every feeling. So grab an opportunity with your nearest dealer at Greensboro, and know what a Touareg feels like on road.

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