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The Benefits of Using a BMW Dealer for Auto Service

There is a debate among car owners about whether it is better to use dealer service centers or independent shops. However, many BMW owners feel that there is no argument. They will only use dealers for bmw service. These customers know that work done at dealerships will not void their warranties. Dealer technicians who provide service and repairs are specially trained and experienced. Customer oriented dealerships also minimize owner inconvenience.

Dealerships Are Customer Friendly

Busy vehicle owners often choose bmw service centers because they provide better customer experiences than mechanic shops. Dealership service departments include staff devoted to scheduling appointments, arranging rental cars and scheduling shuttle service. They make it simple for customers to drop off cars at convenient times, get free transportation to home or work and get picked up when vehicles are ready. If clients choose to wait while work is being done, dealers offer attractive waiting areas that often include TV, reading materials and even snacks.

Work Will Not Void Warranties

Auto owners who do not want to void warranties also use BMW dealers. Many warranties are very specific about who can work on the high-performance vehicles. and dealership mechanics meet their requirements. Service centers also guarantee that they use genuine BMW parts during maintenance and repairs. In addition, warranty work done at approved service centers is free if it is covered in the agreement’s terms.

Experienced Mechanics Are Highly Trained

Customers also trust BMW dealer mechanics. In order to work on the precisely-engineered cars dealer technicians must go through extensive training. They have to pass tests and get certifications that are often on display. Most attend on-going classes so that they are always current with changing technology. In addition, mechanics are equipped with the most advanced tools in the business. That allows them to make quick, accurate diagnoses and provide high-quality, guaranteed maintenance and repairs.

Although BMW owners can have their cars maintained and repaired by any mechanic, many return to customer oriented dealerships for the work. Dealer mechanics are specially trained to work on BMW’s and guarantee their craftsmanship. Customers also use dealers so they will not void warranties and because there is often no charge for warranty work done at the service centers.


  • Cameron Bennett| October 9, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    I like that you mention that it’s important that a mechanic has the right skills to take service a BMW. They are reliable cars, and I think that they need special maintenance and care to make sure that they are functioning to the best of their ability. My grandpa just gave me his old BMW, and I realized that it needs some work done on it because he hasn’t driven it in a while. It’s important to me that I have a good auto service place to take it to.

  • Being a proud BMW owner, i would suggest that one should always go for dealer service because they are highly trained and experienced. Just like a mother take cares of her child, similarly they would take complete care of your car body parts. Just trust them as it is not at all easy to reach this level as they have to go through extensive training.

  • Robert Gilims| May 21, 2017 at 11:55 pm

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