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8-speed automatic transmission steptronic
Innovative 8-speed automatic transmission technology. And comfort that gives you the savings. Not only soft and low noise. But it also helps to save fuel efficiently. This can be touched by intelligent gears. With all models. The engine rises up or down rhythmically and continuously. Indicates the mobility. And the smoothness of the 8-speed automatic transmission. Transmission with gear up to 8 gear that increase the amount of gear. This will reduce the variance of gear change. Each rhythm and gloomy almost never felt. While gearing The engine is ordered to work in gear that is suitable for the machine cycle. With maximum horsepower and torque all the time. The maximum power at the end of the fuel. Works in conjunction with intelligent electric clutch. Designed to reduce engine rpm. At high speed Have full capacity Less noise in the cabin. And more fuel-saving.

ECO PRO mode.
ECO PRO Mode that adjusts the working parameters. Of all systems intelligently For maximum savings and value. Such as the response of the accelerator. Gear shift And air conditioning Just press the ECO PRO Mode ECO PRO mode. The system will adjust the value of the system. Fuel economy, but also driving efficiency. When ECO PRO Mode starts, the system will operate on the drive system of the car. And air conditioning systems work effectively. But less fuel consumption. And more than that, there is a screen. Will show how to drive more fuel economy. When the driver can follow the instructions from the calculation of the system. It will reduce the consumption up to 20%. * The system shows the distance. That can be increased with the same amount of fuel. * The average amount of education within the company.

M Sport
With the design standards of the BMW 1 Series sports. And more exciting with the M Sport package with all the details of the sport. Both looks and performance are unique.

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