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Independent Audi Repair Shop vs. Audi Dealer Service Center

 The Advantages of Using an Independent Audi Specialist

When taking your Audi for a repair, it’s common knowledge to take it to the dealer for warranty related work. However, many owners are not aware that taking your Audi to a local independent Audi technician for routine service will not void the warranty. Not only will you keep your warranty, but you’ll also save a good amount of money. Visiting Eurobahn BMW MINI Mercedes-Benz Audi Greensboro NC as soon as possible gives you a chance to get to know the service advisors and repair technicians that will be taking great care of your vehicle and any repairs.

Cost Savings

Our Independent Audi Greensboro Repair Shop is able to offer prices that are impressively more cost efficient than those of the Audi dealer service center. At our Independent Audi repair facility, your savings will be based off of better parts and labor prices. The independent mechanic uses original equipment manufacturer (OEM) replacement parts. These parts are made by the same manufacturer that licensed them to Audi. Having these parts will generate a savings of at least 20%.  Along with that 20% savings, you’ll find that the hourly labor rates are lower as well, therefor, saving you even more money. This will add up to be a significant savings, especially on major repairs.  The customer is able to receive high quality dealer service at a fraction of the dealer cost.  

Experienced Audi Technicians

When you visit an Independent Audi Dealer and Service Center, you will find that most of them are run by certified, factory trained technicians that have spent years working at the dealer. When they leave to open up their own shop, they take their years of knowledge and experience with them. This is beneficial to you as an Audi owner because you can now have the access to these technicians at a better price. At our Independent Dealer service center, your Audi will always be worked on by the same technician, unlike at the Audi Dealer service center. This gives you the added assurance of knowing that your car is in great care, and allows the technician the opportunity to better service you by building a relationship with you and your car.


Independent Audi Greensboro Repair Shops are a great convenience. There are many of them so the shops are easily accessible throughout the country. It should not be hard to find an Independent Audi Service Center close to your home. Our independent Audi shop is accommodating in the fact that we offer a shuttle service that will take you to and from work or home or anywhere that you may need to go locally in the Greensboro area. We even go the extra mile and offer loaner cars. Independent Audi service centers are designed to give you that feeling of comfort, our customer lounge is equipped with cozy couches, unlimited coffee/water, and free Wi-Fi access. You can save your valuable time and money when you visit our Independent Audi Dealer service center.


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  • Yes! i totally agree with you that one should opt for an independent specialist for their car as they would take better care of your auto parts and since they would have done the work before, they would already know how to perform it in less time. One another benefit is that they would not charge more and work done by them would be perfect.

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