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BMW Thermostat Housing Repair & Service | Greensboro, NC



The cooling system of your Bmw heavily relies on the thermostat so as to work properly. A functional Bmw thermostat is very important in making sure the engine has enough anti-freeze to avoid overheating.

Just like other components, Bmw thermostats will eventually break down. A possible sign that you must replace your Bmw ‘s ”thermometer” is if it gets stuck in open or close position, triggering an engine temperature warning light to malfunction; whatever happens, the car’s cooling system is surely to suffer and cause more serious engine issues. Rusty patches are definitely typical troubles especially if water trickles into the thermostat’s steel parts. You’ll have to buy a new component if it’s worn out.


Eurobahns Recommendations
The entire cooling system should be inspected and tested when the thermostat is replaced.
A high-quality OEM thermostat should be used. Poor quality thermostats may not function properly and can cause damage to the engine or components of the emission system.

Why this happens
A thermostat that is stuck closed will cause the vehicle to overheat.
A thermostat that is stuck open can cause the engine to run colder than normal, set the check engine light, poor fuel mileage and a heater that blows cool air.
If the new thermostat does not immediately resolve engine temperature problems, the cooling system needs to be checked for other issues.

At Eurobahn Motorsports we are here to assist you find an Original Equipment thermostat for your Bmw and actually make the repair experience easy and hassle-free. We are your top source of high-caliber items at affordable prices. We have various perks for our buyers, making us a well-known BMW Repair shop in Greensboro, NC among those who prefer to enjoy the most out of their allotted budgets. Not only will be get you the parts you need for your BMW but we will repair and service your BMW so that it is running like NEW!

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