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Volkswagen Repair and Service Greensboro, NC

At Eurobahn Motorsports don’t let car repair and service be a hassle for you. We provide the best, most complete service experience possible to our Volkswagen customers. We can handle any basic car maintenance service to minor / major repairs for your Volkswagen with ease of mind and convenience. We will help you with not only with your repairs and service, but answer all of your questions professionally.


Our service department is your one-stop-shop for all your Volkswagen service and performance needs at an affordable price. Our highly skilled and trained technicians have many years of experience working on all Volkswagen models, past and present. Drop by to check out our auto repair facility, call us with your toughest questions or simply request an appointment online.

A Little Information About Your Volkswagen

Volkswagen makes a fun, safe and easy to handle vehicle. These German cars have been around for years and feature popular models that not only stylish and modern, but feature great German engineering. To improve the performance and longetivity of your Volkswagen car, you must follow through with regular maintenance and service to prevent costly repairs later. Regular maintenance and service will keep your car warranty intact as well and provide safety for you and your passengers. Volkswagen owners who follow through with regular service will ensure increase fuel efficiency, lower emissions and reliable

Checks To Ensure Volkswagen Performance

Fuel Efficiency Tips For Your Volkswagen

  • Proper Tire Pressure
  • Use Cruise Control
  • Avoid Idling
  • Regular Engine Maintenance
  • Clean Filters
  • Avoid Excess Weight
  • Don’t Speed
  • Avoid Sudden Braking / Acceleration
  • Use Volkswagen Approved Engine Oil

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