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A Little Information About Your Land Rover / Range Rover


Although Land Rover / Range Rover are known as off-road vehicles, they are also known as a luxury car. At European Auto Service, we understand the demands of owning a Land Rover / Range Rover. Owners of these luxurious, rugged British vehicles love the comfort of their all-terrain SUV and to keep it running to optimum performance, regular maintenance and service will be required.

The Land Rover comes equipped with a Driver Information Module, which will alert owners of an upcoming service interval. In addition to routine maintenance, simple checks should be carried out frequently.

Routinely Check Your Land Rover SUV

  • Daily Checks For Your Land Rover Vehicle
    • Operation of lamps, horn, wipers, washers, direction indicators and warning lamps.
    • Operation of seat belts.
    • Operation of brakes.
    • Check for fluid deposits underneath vehicle for leaks.
  • Weekly Checks For Your Land Rover Vehicle
    • Engine oil level.
    • Brake fluid level.
    • Power steering fluid level.
    • Engine coolant level.
    • Windshield washer fluid level.
    • Tire pressure and condition.
    • Air conditioning operation.

Driving A Land Rover In Harsh Conditions

More frequent attention may be needed when driving a Land Rover in harsh conditions, including frequent service and maintenance.

Harsh Driving Conditions For Land Rover:

  • Driving in extremely hot weather conditions.
  • Towing a trailer.
  • Driving in mountainous conditions.
  • Driving in dusty / sandy conditions.
  • Driving on rough / muddy roads.
  • Wading.

Required Full Service  Interval Schedule for
Land Rover / Range Rover Vehicles

  • 15,000 Miles / 12 Months
  • 24,000 Miles / 24 Months
  • 36,000 Miles / 36 Months
  • 48,000 Miles / 48 Months
  • 60,000 Miles / 60 Months

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