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Signs That It Is Time to Replace the Serpentine Belt in Your Land Rover Greensboro

Serpentine belt replacement of Land Rover Greensboro

It is a misconception among many Land Rover Greensboro owners that owning a car of this make is not going to cause much trouble. They fail to realize that at the end of the day, it is a car and is prone to as much wear and tear with the miles it puts on. When it comes to keeping your car in good shape and run it without much glitch, then knowing the mechanical issues from before can pay in the long run. It also shows your responsibility as a good car owner apart from helping you stay away ending up paying a lot on repairs. One of the common issues that Land Rovers come up with is with the serpentine belt. It will help to recognize the warning signs and get the serpentine belt replaced at the earliest.

Serpentine belt replacement of Land Rover Greensboro

A serpentine belt is also known as a drive belt or fan belt and it is a flat, multi-ribbed belt driven by the crankshaft pulley of the Land Rover’s engine. Keeping it in good condition is mandatory for the running of the air conditioning compressor, water pump, power steering pump, air pump, and the alternator. If the serpentine belt is no longer fit for operation, then that can cause engine damage and failure.

How to know that the serpentine belt is on its last legs?

Following are some of the warning signs that proves that it is time to do away with the serpentine belt of the Land Rover. Usually, this can be helpful to note when you opt for Land Rover service.

Battery light illuminating on the dashboard

If the serpentine belt is loose or inoperable, then it will not be helpful in driving the vehicle’s alternator at a speed that is necessary for optimum function. This will also result in the car’s battery losing charge or not getting charged fully resulting in the warning light illuminating on the dashboard.

The engine is overheating

The serpentine belt in your Land Rover is also responsible for optimum operation of the water pump. If the belt is not working right, then the water pump will not operate correctly and if the belt is misaligned, then that could lead to the engine getting overheated within a matter of seconds.

Unusual noises from the car

If your Land Rover is giving out unusual noises, then it can be due to a bad serpentine belt. Look out for strained or a squealing noise which can be a sign of misaligned serpentine belt. It might be time for considering Land Rover repair Greensboro to ensure whether the serpentine belt will snap due to excess tension.

As a Land Rover owner, you should note that the average lifespan of any serpentine belt is somewhere between 90,000 to 11,000 miles. Beyond that, you would need to replace the serpentine belt in your Land Rover as it will show obvious signs of wear and tear. During maintenance checks, the Land Rover mechanics will be able to make out the condition from visual signs of trouble like cracking, fraying or a shine on the surface of the belt and ask for a replacement at the earliest.

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