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The Common Issues of Mercedes Benz S-Class W221

Common Issues of Mercedes Benz S-Class W221

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is the company’s flagship vehicle. Calling it a work of art won’t be an exaggeration. The W221 chassis for the S-Class was produced from 2006 to 2013. Despite the fact that it is a sophisticated luxury sedan, it is one of Mercedes-most Benz’s dependable S-class models in last few decades.

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Auxiliary Battery

There are two batteries in the W221 S-Class. The primary battery powers the engine, while the auxiliary battery powers the numerous electronics. Like any other battery, it has to be changed. The replacement of the auxiliary battery on a W221 is not a stressful task and might be done at home.

Air Suspension Compressor

The air suspension is standard and the S-Class A aircraft is lifted and lowered using an air compressor. If it fails, it may wear out so much that it can no longer provide enough pressure to lift the car.

Transmission Electronics

Mercedes-Benz W221 S600 predecessors (2007-2009) may have problems with transmission electronics. The transmission control, body valve, or steering plate may fail, causing the vehicle to slack. Specialists in third-party transmission can restore your old TCU, valve and plate. Get the service of experts for Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro today!


The fiber-optic loop connects to a number of components such as a radio, key and COMAND S-Class CD changer. When the amplifier fails, the radio will turn on, but no sound comes out it. Other issues include the command not turning on or the vehicle’s battery depleting when parked.

OM642 Diesel Engine

With over 200,000 miles on an S-class with a diesel engine, such as the S350 BlueTech, you are likely to experience issues with the oil cooler, chain, swirl flaps, turbo actuator, EGR, and injectors.

Window Problems

The windows of Mercedes Benz S-Class A vehicles may not be raised or lowered. Remove the door panel and replace the window regulator to fix the problem. This was a regular problem on vehicles up to VIN A161249.

Air Suspension Airbag

Overall, the S-Class suspension surpasses the W220. Air suspension airbags can fail after 100,000 miles. If you drive around town frequently or on poorly maintained roads, expect this to happen sooner than later.

Rear Level Height Sensor

The height of the vehicle in the rear is determined by the rear suspension sensor, which is located above the rear axle. If one of the struts fails, the sensor will fail, causing the car to fall back to the ground. It’s a simple modification that anyone with basic DIY skills can do.

Gear Selector Module

The gearshift lever is no longer mechanically linked to the S-Class gearbox. The gearshift module sends a signal to the valve body that adjusts the valve position when you shift between PRND gears. Intelligent Servo Module is the name for wire shift (ISM)

Inverter Converter Assembly – Hybrid Only

Only the Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid has a high-voltage converter. Depending on time and parts, it can cost anywhere from $ 5,000 to $ 6,500 to repair. Other than China-based aftermarket parts providers, it’s not accessible.

A/C Blower Motor

Your air conditioning and heating may cease operating if the blower fan fails. Don’t wait for it to break completely. Sometimes, it breaks down at the worst possible moment.

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