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TSI EVO Engine is a Compact All Rounder With Its Vastly Improved Performance Ensuring Comfort & Convenience

Volkswagen TSI EVO Repair Greensboro

Automobile aficionados know very well that TSI stands for, ‘turbocharged stratified injection.’ Unfortunately, the first time investors of this powerful model of Volkswagen have no inkling of what it means but are satisfied to own an auto with highly powerful engine that suits their purpose completely. A visit to the nearest center for VW service Greensboro NC is sure to make you consider the petrol engine of Volkswagen.

The compact engines happen to be the epitome of efficiency and a source of pride for the manufacturer. With the underlying technology of engines being upgraded steadily, both 1.0 TSI & 1.5 TSI are hugely efficient and coveted by users. It has made VW a front runner in the fierce competition once again.

Regardless of the 90PS or 50 PS, the EVO engine of TSI that happens to compact as well. The Golf Volkswagen also sports a mild hybrid system. A maximum speed of 202 kilometer per hour can be achieved by this 3 cylinder engine. Fuel consumption remains low with only about 4.3 to 4.5 liters being used to traverse 100 kilometers. The 4 cylinder engines of 1.0 TSI and 1.5 TSI have been revamped totally by VW. Petrol consumption has been standardized since 2019 with many other improvements being evident.

Volkswagen TSI EVO Engine Greensboro

The 1.5 TSI variant also comes with Active Cylinder Management that has succeeded in reducing its fuel consumption to a great degree. The engine is capable of increasing its speed by deactivating injection, ignition as well as the valve gear when the load is low to medium. Surprisingly, the switch over is totally smooth and not noticeable at all. The second and third engine kicks in once the accelerator is used once again.

Do not hesitate to contact the best service center for VW repair Greensboro if you are concerned about the performance of the engine and would like a reassurance about its efficiency and quality.

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