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Why and How Often You Need Your Brakes Flushed

bmw brake fluid flush service greensboro

If you are a car owner, you must be familiar with a brake fluid flush.

Unfortunately, most drivers tend to be ignorant about preemptive brake maintenance. The braking system is a vital part of the vehicle. The failure of brakes, rotors or pads invariably calls for replacement. Even if you take care of your brakes and replace pads and other components as recommended by your technician, you might still be required to have your brake system flushed regularly.

Regular maintenance and care of BMW is necessary to maintain safety on the road. But why is it so important to consider a brake fluid flush? Is it necessary and worth the money? Let’s check out.

Brake Fluid Flush of BMW in Greensboro

Your BMW brake system consists of a lot of working parts. It includes a dish brakes in the front and drum brakes in the back. Everything is connected by a system of hoses and tubes that connect the brake at each wheel to the master cylinder. Other components that form the overall brake system include parking brake, power brake booster, and anti-lock system. Take your car in for BMW service Greensboro NC.

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As you hit the brake pedal, a plunger pushes against the master cylinder, which enables brake fluid to go through the connected hoses to the brake at each wheel. On disk brakes, fluid goes into a caliper, where it presses against a piston that squashes the brake pads against the disk and forces the wheel to slow or stop. On drum brakes, the fluid is applied into the wheel cylinder and pushes the brake shoes against the drum to stop the wheel.

In either case, brake fluid has a huge role to play to keep the overall braking system in good working order.

As the brake system’s components develop wear and tear over time, small pieces of rubber, rust and other debris come off and can mingle in the brake fluid. When this fluid gets filthy, it becomes less effective, which means there could be issues with the braking system.

Being hygroscopic in nature, it absorbs 3% of its weight in water each year, which makes a brake fluid flush even more important.

Bring your car in at Greensboro auto service center and have your brake system checked out.

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