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How To Own An Imported Vintage Land Rover Defender

The Land Rover Defender is an automobile of iconic value. It remains in demand despite having been in vogue decades ago. Fear not if you still aspire to be the proud owner of one though. Make sure to get in touch with a well known land rover service center in your area and inquire about the possibility of being able to buy an imported version of the vintage Land Rover that retains the capability of making heads turn.

What are the Rules of Owning an Imported Vintage Land Rover Defender

Yes! The automobile needs to be previously owned by a citizen of United Kingdom in order to make you eligible for importing it to the United States and claiming ownership. You would have to check out the regulations in place before attempting to proceed with the import. The rules are rather straightforward and you will certainly not face too much of problem in complying with the essentials. Remember that the following regulate applies to both Land Rover Defender 90 and 110.

The Land Rover that you would like to own needs to adhere to the following:-

  • Should be over 25 years old to comply with the existing DOT rules
  • The VIN number on its chassis should match the number on VIN tag
  • Must be equipped with the Factory motor or if replaced the motor should be exactly the same as the original specs
  • There should be no discrepancies in the log book and Title
  • There should be no police record of the automobile being stolen in the past

While it seems to be pretty simple, the reality may be difficult with many of the 25 year old Land Rover Defenders being completely revamped. The VIN number may not match with old repairs not in tune with the original specs. You must be prepared to wait patiently until and unless the right auto surfaces in UK.

Effective communication with the original owner may be as challenging as ensuring legal transportation through the accepted legal routes. You would also have to deal with enormous amount of paperwork and make payments at different points as deemed necessary. Check with the body shop for Land Rover Greensboro NC to help you make the right choice.

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