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1980 Volkswagen Scirocco S: The Changes

The Volkswagen was a sturdy sports car that had many takers. The Scirocco S fulfilled the objective of many auto enthusiasts too and could be driven like the wind as its name denoted. Then came Jason Whipple, one of the founders of California-based Rotiform Wheels who took the vehicle and altered its graphics completely sending a shock wave through the world.

Sure, it does sound too fantastic to be true, But you will get the low down from the nearest dealership that provides Volkswagen service at affordable rates. Whipple decided to transform it completely so that it became almost unrecognizable. The paint work was eye catching to say the least with the body of the VW being strangely reminiscent of a graphitti splattered wall. Yet it has garnered interest and love from a horde of VW fans who find it to be a classier and more comfortable version of the VW famed Scirocco S that earned some rave reviews back in 1980.

The reviews were amazingly positive with a number of old timers endorsing the uplift in its looks. Scirocco S still retained it funky design but it performance improved dramatically thanks to a increased power in its wheels and modern transmission. The nimbleness and grace has not been sacrificed though. You may well describe it a well polished VW that has received a well earned face lift after years.

How does it fare on the road? Is it still the hottest hatchback? You have a choice of three different engines but sadly the power remain lacking endorsing the complaints of A sneak peek at the interior will not excite you unduly, unfortunately. Every single aspect is there and is easily attainable but there is no dramatic effect that makes you go, “wow.” It is roomy enough in the rear but the headspace leaves much to desire.

It certainly seems to be adequate say the pros at Volkswagen Greensboro dealership. Yet it strangely fees like a spruced up Golf GTI.

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