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Electric Land Rover Defender Is a Reality Now

You may have been dismayed at the price of the Land Rover Defenders but had the satisfaction that its cost will not go up anytime soon. Apologies! But here comes the kicker! The Land Rover Defender of the 90s is now going to be available as an electric car. The price is definitely going to be more.

The Appeal of the Land Rover Defender

Sure, its popularity has lasted for many decades with the old British steel horse winning a steady stream of admirers worldwide but now Twisted, the US based counterpart of UK manufacturer has decided to revamp it completely. The top body shops for the trusted Land Rover Greensboro will confirm that the hardy old auto will have an electric drivetrain plugged in henceforth.

It is all set to match the SUVs with the manufacturer deciding to showcase it in two distinct kinds initially. You have the choice of going for a 214 horsepower engine with 280 lb-ft torque or settle for settle for the Defender that offers 320 horsepower and an astounding 339 lb-ft of torque. The feature that is sure to capture your attention is its start time, however. This electric Land Rover is capable of launching within 0-60 seconds flat and is definitely impressive.

Twisted promises an equally impressive range of 200+ miles but the specs are yet to be shared. The 60k-Wh battery seems to be a trifle small though. However, you need to remember that the original Land River defender was never indented to be fitted with an electric battery.

It is time to spare a look for its interior now! Well, it is a seven seater with space for three people in the front and four more sitting face to face in the back. Yes! It has basic air-conditioning along with an EV screen that can be controlled by touch.

Do not fear a long wait for the newly revamped defender though! The Land Rovers are being imported from UK and converted in Virginia, USA with a mere two weeks needed to have it on the road. Ask your favorite technician for Land Rover Service Greensboro NC and own it at convenience.

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