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Audi A6 2020: A Definite Improvement Over The 2019 Model

Audi A6 has been the vehicle of choice for many on account of its style and sensual looks. It was a hot favorite of auto owners hoping for a luxurious feel. The 2019 model proved to be a disappointing with Audi fans hoping that the manufacturer would do better in 2020. Well, here is the result at long last!

Check out the features and go for a test drive to understand whether you get to say ‘Yay’ this time round. The brand new gift from Audi has definitely grabbed eyeballs with “RS6 Avant wagon” finally showing up. Feel free to check the specs by conferring with a seasoned technician at the Audi service center and you will get to learn the facts.

The Old Audi A6

The turbocharged 335 horse power model of 3.0-liter was unleashed early in 2019 that was improved upon presently with a 2.0-liter turbocharged vehicle functioning with 248 horsepower. With additional four cylinder engines that were added to it proved to be a winner.

The New

It is no wonder that both the engines remained unchanged in 2020 decided on the basis of sheer efficiency. However, the brand new model is definitely a vastly improved form of A6 sedan that looks lighter and akin to a sports car. It has been built on the same platform as the A6 with the engines being powered 2.9-liter turbo V6 that makes use of hybrid technology.

The A6 model year 2019-2020 comes with its engines paired to dual-clutch automatic transmission with seven-speed. The S6 model, on the contrary, uses an eight speed auto transmission. Both A6 and S6 model, however, have the Quattro all-wheel drive, the Audi standard intact.

Get in touch with the automobile enthusiasts or an expert at the shop offering Audi repair Greensboro NC to find out more about the latest Audi A6 as well as the latest version of A6 Allroad touted to be a hardy wagon.

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