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Audi Q2 Is One Small Crossover That Deserves to Be Sold in the U.S.

2020 Audi Q2

In a world obsessed with small crossovers, an excellent Audi Q2 remains on sale only outside the U.S. – for now.

Small crossovers are all the rage these days, and Americans, in particular, can’t seem to get enough of them. Particularly when those little ‘utes are of the luxurious persuasion. As such, we can’t think of a reasonable excuse for why the Audi Q2 isn’t currently on sale in America, despite the fact that it’s now four-years-old in Europe. And after testing one out recently, it appears that Car & Driver agrees with us wholeheartedly.

“We think that the Q2 would be an interesting choice for urban dwellers who want a small premium ute but not the Mercedes-Benz GLA250. The Q2 deserves a chance to succeed in America,” the rag proclaims. And who are we to argue with that sound logic? Of course, the Audi A2 is a proper choice for Europeans who reside in ancient cities with tiny streets and little parking, too.

2020 Audi Q2

C&D says that the A2 “feels like an A3 hatchback but offers the profile and height that crossover shoppers want.” It is, in fact, a full size smaller than the Q3, which is sold here in the U.S. Aside from being the right size, the Q2 is also a handsome vehicle. And it provides a host of features that buyers covet from this category – things like an upright driving position and ample cargo space.
Though it’s a bit long in the tooth and in line for an update in the coming year or so, the Audi Q2 still proves formidable by today’s standards. C&D found that their tester’s 188 horsepower 2.0-liter turbocharged inline-four-cylinder engine “moves the Q2 with considerable authority.” The dual-clutch transmission is smooth and likable. And it strikes a nice balance between handling performance and rides quality, with excellent brakes to boot.
Audi Q2 Is One Small Crossover That Deserves to Be Sold in the U.S.
Sounds exactly like something that Americans would love. Just a few years ago, few would see a reason for Audi to build a taller A3. But in this day and age, everyone wants SUVs and crossovers, and few want cars. Especially American buyers, who we bet would be all over the Audi A2 just as soon as it hit domestic dealership showroom floors.

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