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How to Make Your Volkswagen Ready For The Summer

It is fine that you own a Volkswagen, and it is probably going to be a lot fun riding in the same during the Summer. You might be planning a family trip, or a long drive with your special someone to enjoy the Summer outdoors, but everything can go to waste if your trustworthy Volkswagen decides to break down all of a sudden. This can be avoided if simply you wouldn’t have skipped on the regular Volkswagen service.

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A service is one of the most important thing for the upkeep of your Volkswagen. There are many things that can be wrong with the vehicle after you have driven it for a good number of miles. Before you take it out for a spin during Summer, there are certain things that needs to be looked into.

Summer Service Tips for Your Volkswagen


Following are the Volkswagen service tips for making your car ready for the Summer season:



  • Check the coolant levels in your car- This is one of the most crucial things to check when you are planning to drive during the Summer. If the coolant levels in your Volkswagen is not right, then the car can overheat. When the engine gets hot beyond limits, then the engine can affect the functionality of other parts of the vehicle too. Experts advise on mixing the coolant with antifreeze in 1:1 ratio. Also, checking for any leaks is recommended, so that there is no bigger issue later on.
  • Changing the air filters- The air filters can get clogged during the winter with dust and debris. Clogged air filters affect the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. Not only that, the clogged air filters can get even ore filthy while you continue driving with the same.
  • Check the brakes- You cannot overlook the importance of brakes in your vehicle. That is one of the most crucial component that needs to be working at its best for your safety. Even slight problem with the brake should not be overlooked and inspected at the earliest. If you are not willing to invest in costly VW repair Greensboro, then keep the brakes in shape.
  • Keep the Spark Plus in good condition- One of the primary components of the engine, spark plugs need to be maintained well so that it does not lead to your vehicle failure in the middle of the road.
  • Check the air conditioning system in the car- You probably don’t want to drive all sweaty and dirty during the Summer. Before venturing out, make sure that the ac in your car is working just fine. Often low refrigerant levels due to a leak can contribute to a non-working ac unit of your Volkswagen.

When it comes to a Volkswagen, or just any other car, there are many things that needs to be looked into. Before taking your car for a long journey, make sure that you get your Volkswagen serviced at an auto body shop.

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