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Is Child Car Seat Replacement After a Collision Necessary

When a car is involved in a collision, it can undergo minor to severe damage. If the car is damaged seriously, then there might not be too many things to salvage from the ruins. Also, if the car has to be put back to a workable condition, then one has to invest in a lot of money as well. In such a situation, many car owners do not think of replacing the child’s car seats. That is, however, one necessary thing that every car owner should absolutely opt for. Experts working at a body shop Greensboro is of the opinion that car owners who have children, need to keep in mind that changing the car seat is must if they are ever involved in a collision.

Auto accident involving two cars

When to consider a car seat replacement?


Replacing the car seat depends on the mature of the collision. If the accident is not a minor one, then it might not be necessary to replace the car seat. It is however, necessary to know whether the collision is a minor or a major one. There are a few things that points out that the collision is a minor one:

  • The vehicle was in a condition to be driven away from the site of collision If one sees no
  • visible damage to the car seat
  • The car door that was nearest to the child restraint is not damaged
  • The air bags did not deploy
  • No one was not harmed in the collision
  • Why should car seat replacement not overlooked?

Many car owners are often in two minds regarding when to consider replacing the car seat after a collision. In the opinion of an expert, if the vehicle is involved in a major accident, then the child seat is rendered useless. The impact of the collision can have a negative effect on the car seat which is not noticeable on the surface. That does not mean that the car seat is in good condition. Major crash forces can create small fractures in the seat of the car’s plastic body, thus making it completely unsafe. The fractures can make the car seat or booster unreliable, and it might not be in a position to guarantee the child’s safety in the future. Hence, car owners need to make it a point when they take the vehicle for collision repair Greensboro, that the car seats are replaced with new ones.

If the car seat is to be replaced, then it is advisable not to purchase a used car seat or that is second hand. Used items is not a good choice as it will never meet the safety performance standards.

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