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Tips To Prep Your Car Before Putting It In Storage

A car and its owner may have to be parted many a time before the concerned automobile gets sold off and replaced for good. A light car with a convertible body may suit you in the breezy summer months but you would have to put it in storage as soon as winter sets in. Try speaking to the pros at the best body shop Greensboro and you will be handful for obtaining a number of helpful tips for keeping the car in storage for a long period. No issues if you happen to be hard pressed for time either. Simply go through the tips provided below and act accordingly. It will help you to take good care of your priced car.

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Cover It

The best thing to do is to keep it parked in a garage that is suitably covered. Feel free to look for temporary garage space if you do not have one inside your premises. By no means have the car standing on the road and bearing the brunt of the natural elements though. Invest in a weatherproof cover that will shield the auto perfectly and keep it covered totally if you have no other option but keep it parked in open.

Clean it Properly

Do not be tempted to put off going to the car wash simply

because you have to put it in storage for months. Leaving a dirty car that contains water stains and littered with bird droppings can take a toll on its paint, unfortunately. Make sure to have it cleaned meticulously so that the body gleams satisfactorily. You might want to get the mud and grease removed from the underside s well.

Oil Change/ Full Tank

Ensure having the oil changed if your car is going to be in storage for a month or more. Having the tank full will also thwart off accumulation of moisture inside the car.

If you have had a collision repair Greensboro in the near past, you will be gratified to learn about the importance of keeping the car battery charged while you are away. You might also have somebody to drive it for 10-5 minutes every day especially in winter. This will keep your car functional even in storage.

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