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BMW 6 Series Features That Impress

The latest model of the BMW 6 Series ranks favorably in the luxury car section and is recommended by the technicians at the top service center of BMW Greensboro for customers who are eager to invest in large automobiles. However, do not simply go blindly follow the technician’s words. It would be best to take the car you have in mind for a test run and note the following before tying up your hard earned money.

BMW 6 Series 2


Yes! You can safely say that BMW 6 Series is a car worth buying especially if you are keen on getting the latest model. It includes a vibrant and powerful engine with a classy interior and lots of cargo space. The infotainment system happens to be outstanding as well and is sure to fulfill your needs perfectly. So, what’s not to like about it? Do take a look at the rear seats though. You may find hem to be a bit cramped and uncomfortable for your family particularly your kids who might find it inconvenient. Besides, you as a driver would not be impressed by the handling either. It is average to say the least.

However, you might be impressed with the new additions to the 2019 model. It is a definite improvement of the standard features that you may have come to expect in a luxury car. Moreover, the convertible style body has been replaced for good with the latest model being available in Gran Turismo hatchback along with a sedan style.

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Is it Worth the Money?

Well, this is a question that is sure to remain uppermost on your mind as you consider the features and advantages of the 2019 BMW 6 Series. You are advised to go with it if you are wowed by its standard tech features that include Apple CarPlay as well as the active driving assistant specific to BMW car. The ‘blind spot monitoring’ and warning for forward collision are all welcome features that are endorsed by professional technicians offering BMW service Greensboro.

Do not pass over the chance of getting a used BMW 6 Series more affordably if you are not willing to pay top money immediately. The older version would be sure to serve your purpose equally well.

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