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Audi Maintenance Tips from Eurobahn Audi Repair Experts

Audi Maintenance

Car maintenance and repair is crucial to keep your Audi running smooth. Without maintenance, even the best-built car fails to perform. At Eurobahn Audi service department, the professionals have been wrenching on German-made vehicles in Greensboro for years, and maintenance is one of the most crucial things they know best.

Here the experts from Eurobahn share some top maintenance tips to help you keep the car in top shape:

Audi Engine Maintenance Tips:

  • One of the major problems most of the Audi Greensboro NC owners face is timing belt problems. The timing belt is an internal engine component that rotates the engine’s cam and crankshaft in sync and ensures fires at the appropriate time. While getting the timing belt serviced, make sure other components are also inspected.
  • Find out the engine code number by using your VIN or remove the engine block cover to find it listed on driver’s side.
  • Check out your water pump for leaks. If it is leaking, fix it up immediately.

Audi Brake System Maintenance Tips

  • Use the VIN number to find out the brake code or remove the wheel and look at the part number on the rotor.
  • Get your brake fluids changed every 30, 000 mile or 3 years. To save yourself time, hassle and cost, come down to Eurobahn and take advantage of the professional assistance.
  • The brake pad warning light will let you know when you should have your front brakes or rotors replaced. Usually it is recommended to get the rotor replaced within the next 3,000 miles. For rear brakes, if you hear metal on metal sound or feel vibration while braking, it is time to replace them.

Audi Greensboro NC

Audi Steering and Suspension Maintenance:

Check out the wheel bearing and listen for humming sound that change pitch at different speeds. The low humming sound that the wheel bearing produces indicates that there is something wrong with it.

In the hot climate, make sure the power steering fluid is flushed and changed every 30, 000 miles. Since it gets contaminated over time, it is necessary to change it to prevent damage to other components and help resolve hydraulic issues.

Having trouble with ball joints? Check them out for handling issues. This is a sign that the ball joint could be out commission and needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

So, why are you waiting? Bring your Audi in at Eurobahn for Audi service and see for yourself what the experts can do for you.

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