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Park Brake Actuator and Actuation Module for Discovery 3/4 and Range Rover Sport

Park Brake Actuator and Actuation Module for Discovery

One of the major sets of both Discovery ¾ and Range Rover Sport is that in either car the electronically operated park brake actuation module tends to produce a loud squawking sound.

There is a switch on the console in each vehicle that controls an electronic module under the rear of the vehicle. The goal of the module is to trigger the actual braking mechanism on the back wheels. Each back wheel features a disc brake with a brake calliper and pads for normal stopping. However, there is a little brake drum inside the brake disc, and inside the drum space, can be found a drum brake shows and adjuster. It is these shoes that are pulled on by the park brake.

If the shoes become worn, or if an inept brake mechanic or custom doing DIY work ends up with some shoddy job with the mechanism, it can become unstable.

Maybe, this loud, rhythmic screeching from the rear of the car may result from the maladjustment, especially when the driver applies the park brake or tries to take it off.

Hence, it is really important to have the rear brakes seen through by someone, rather an expert mechanic who has years of experience in automotive repair and servicing. Call around experts from auto body shops offering Land Rover service Greensboro NC and have the brakes checked immediately.

Secondly, some mechanics recommend using a new brake actuator to fix this problem. The average time for the installation is about 7 hours. The installation charge is not too high either. The brake shoes assembly must comply with the manufacturer’s guidelines.

However, do not be rushing to have a new actuator to get the job done in the first place. Have your condition assessed and evaluated. Your mechanic will be able to come up with right piece of advice as to what it requires to fix it up. Usually, the actuator is rarely beyond repair. Hence, it can be fixed. However, if it is not, it is time to buy a new one to put it in. Bring your Land Rover in and have your actuator fixed by with the help of Land Rover service.

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