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Practical Car Paint Restoration Tips for Volkswagen

Volkswagen Car Paint Restoration Greensboro

It is the paint that can make your car look young. Overtime, the paint loses its lustre and weather elements quickly age your vehicle. Still, if you car is in great shape, there’s no point in selling it for the sake of getting another vehicle with better paint. Instead, you can strive to restore the color and shine without breaking the bank.

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Types of Paint:

Back in the old days, there used to be single-stage paint job. These types of paints were thin, fragile, and excessively prone to oxidation. Ever since 1980s, two stage painting system came into practice. It involves applying the first base coat, then a clear coat on top of it. These types of paints are relatively durable and long-lasting, as well as more environment friendly.

Consider the following paint restoration tips to help guide the way to a better looking car.

Oxidation Removal:

Do you like to have a chalky appearance for your vehicle? To achieve this, the first step is to remove oxidation with store-bought products. This is not just a affordable solution, but also it works well on commonly affected areas such the hood. You have to just apply it like wax, and you might consider using an electric buffer to get the job done.

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Touch-up Paint:

Touch-up paint can be considered to remove small blemishes in the finish. The best way to match the exact color would be to consider obtaining the paint from an auto body shop for Volkswagen service Greensboro. Allow it to dry completely before kicking the pedal.

Professional Paint Job:

Whether it is regular paint job or waxing, one has to think of the consequence of doing a shoddy job. If it is not done properly, it could surely turn into costly affair. To avoid such hassles, leaving it to the experts from an auto body shop Greensboro NC would be the best decision. Look for an estimate on a complete paint only if nothing can restore the look of the car. The process might a little time-consuming, but the end-result will surely surprise you. Just be sure to apply wax every few months. Properly applied wax can cover small scratches and light blemishes, giving a completely new look to your car.

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