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Why You Need to Change Audi Transmission Fluid

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Any car, irrespective of the brand, needs a ton of maintenance to keep running smoothly. While keeping the engine and other components in right shape is necessary, changing your fluids is also important for preventive maintenance and care. Unfortunately, for many Audi owners, this seems to be one of the most neglected areas of maintenance. Thoroughly flushing the fluids at the proper intervals can help the Audi reach 150, 000 miles and beyond. Bring your Audi to a nearby auto body shop Greensboro, NC for transmission fluid change.

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Why Flushing and Changing Audi Transmission Fluid is Important?

Some experts might warn you against changing your Audi’s automatic transmission fluid. But this is absolutely illogical. An Audi automatic transmission consists of hundreds of moving components, such as needle bearings, clutch packs, pressure pumps, servo pistons and seals. These internal components form holistic combination that begins to wear down with time. Gradually, they form a mettalic particles which damage the Audi automatic transmission fluid.
Over time, the Audi automatic transmission fluid (ATF) and paper filament transmission filter get damaged with these particles. Fresh transmission fluid is nearly clear in color. Usually, when the old transmission fluid gets dark, be sure to change the fluid and filter.

Audi Transmission Fluid Change Intervals:

It is important to have the Audi automatic transmission fluid checked at regular intervals. Doing so helps ensure long life of your transmission by lubricating the main shaft bearings and synchros. The general rule of thumb is to change fluid every 30, 000 miles – 60, 000 miles. Now, how frequently you need to change the fluid heavily depends on how you operate your conditions. Usually, when you are driving in heavy city traffic, hot weather, trailer pulling and other severe driving conditions, be sure to have your transmission fluid and filter serviced every 30, 000 miles. Go for the 60, 000 miles change interval when you are driving on highway. However, when it comes to DSC transmission, changing fluid is recommended every 30, 000 – 40, 000 miles.

So, don’t neglect, and of course don’t do it on your own. It requires certain level of expertise and necessary equipment including gloves and safety goggles when handling Audi fluids. Let the experts from a body shop Greensboro deal with it.

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