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Reasons Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes are So Expensive

Mercedes-Benz Oil Changes

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You might be the owner of any exclusive car, but there is one thing that you will have to undertake at some point in time and that is change the oil of your car. Though oil change are a bit on the costly end, oil change for Mercedes Benz models are a bit expensive. Every owner of this German luxury vehicle has faced this concern at some point in time as to what is the reason behind the expensive oil changes for this German car. Answers are often been provided by technicians at reputed auto body shops offering Mercedes Benz Service.

There are many reasons that account for the expensive oil change in Mercedes Benz. Following are the reasons that explain the same:

The fuel capacity of the car is high

Compared to other luxury vehicles, or other cars manufactured in Germany, the fuel capacity of Mercedes Benz is higher. It is a fact that German cars have a bigger fuel capacity and that is the reason why the vehicle requires more oil. This in turn increases the cost of oil change as the vehicle owner has to purchase a bigger amount of oil to fill up the tanks.

The quality of the oil matters

This cannot be denied that the quality of the vehicle oil is also a reason for the cost to go up. All German vehicles including the Mercedes Benz can only use oil that have the ratings of A3/B4 or A3/B3 and meets the European (ACEA) specifications. The synthetic grade oils cost more than the common one used in the vehicles.

Where You are Changing The Oil

It is a noted fact that if you change the oil of your Mercedes Benz yourself, then it will cost you less or perhaps nothing. You have to make sure, however, that this is done correctly. An expensive car like Mercedes Benz needs to be cared for and even if it costs a little, it is better to get your vehicle to an auto body shop for Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro for the oil change. That would cost, but a lot less than driving the car to an authorized Mercedes-Benz dealer. So, in this regard, regulating the price of the oil change is in your hands.

The method of changing the oil

The method of changing oil in a Mercedes Benz is also responsible for adding up to the expense. In most cars the oil change takes place by draining the out of the pan. In a Mercedes Benz, the oil has to be emptied completely out of the vehicle’s engine. This requires special and expensive vacuum equipment that adds up to the entire process.

Other expenses are added as a part of the part replacements that needs to be done in a Mercedes Benz at the time of an oil change. One might need to replace the oil filters, air filters, and fuel filters if the need so arises.

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