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Thailand’s biggest annual event for BMW fans “#BIMMERMEET3” showcased over 400 BMWs

Thailand’s biggest annual event for BMW fans, the “#BIMMERMEET3” was held for the third year by 2000 Publishing and Media Co., Ltd., the publisher of the Thai edition of the BMWCar Magazine. The event brought together all BMW enthusiasts and owners or ‘bimmers’ from around the country, to enjoy many fun activities, including a showcase of more than 400 BMW cars, and listen to insights and tips on BMW shared by columnists from BMWCar Magazine, at Wonder World Fun Park Ramintra on Saturday 26th January 2019.

Among the highlights were the exhibition zones. The BMW M Town was where fans could admire the top-performing luxury sports cars that proudly carry the M symbol. Fans could also enjoy the BMW CLASSIC zone, where older and rare vehicles were juxtaposed with the BMW Classic Part Ordering Program run by BMW Thailand that provides advice on and facilitates the purchase of all classic car parts.

The X-Series zone offered a glimpse at the SAV and SAC series with xDrive technology; the Ultimate JOY Experience zone, which was open to all members and free of charge to BMW owners, opened up all aspects of the BMW lifestyle, while the Z-Series Zone featured the coolest family cars and the Flea Market zone had genuine BMW accessories for sale.

For the little ones, there was a Kids Zone all ready to pamper little bimmers, along with a racetrack for mini BMW cars to ensure the children have fun.  A special highlight was the parade of more than 20 BMW cars that narrated the creation of BMW vehicles through the years from the ancestor, three-wheeled BMW Isetta, and rare models including the 503, E28, M5, E31, 8 Series, E46 CSL and E9 right through to the innovative electric BMW i8.

Inspired by #BMWStorie  Although dreams come in all shapes and sizes, the dreams of bimmers are always on four wheels. Amongst those is the dream of Chamaiporn “Pook” Paphatphong, a genuine BMW enthusiast who became the first female BMW Certified Instructor in Southeast Asia. Inspired by her father who is a devotee of classic cars, Chamaiporn’s profound passion was triggered when she had her hands on the BMW 503 which belongs to her father, Kwanchai Paphatphong, and that was when she started traveling down the winding road to success.

With the BMW 503, I was very impressed and was drawn to the charm of the car design. We are able to see the difference from the past era to today,” Chamaiporn said, “When my dad saw that I could drive, he sent me to BMW Driver Training years ago. It was also one of my dreams that one day, I will be the one that gets to teach other people about safe driving. The learning process was very harsh, but with all the passion I have with BMW, it gave me all the power to push and to go further. Finally, I received my certificate to become the first certified female BMW Driver Instructor in Southeast Asia.”  Another bimmer who has an unbreakable bond with BMW is Kirakiat Yenmanoj, a legendary motorsports racer. With racing in his blood, Kirakiat built his own race car, BMW M1, from scratch and had won championship in several tournaments.  Auto racing has been my interest since high school. Based on the replica BMW M1, I built the actual car and although I had ups and downs during the process, it was everything that I had expected,” Kirakiat said, “I had driven almost all BMW models started even before my racing career and over the years, BMW has always been my companion both on and off the track. After all that I have been through, I am certain that BMW is one of the best automobile manufacturers. My appreciation for BMW has never changed.”

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