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The Next Gen Land Rover Defender Coming in 2020

Land Rover dropped a bond at the end of 2018, announcing the arrival of the all-new Defender within the next 12 months. The official images will give an idea of how the iconic SUV is going to look like.

Land Rover Greensboro


According to the latest report published by Land Rover Greensboro, the all-new Defender will undergo a rigorous off-road testing in North America as part of its grueling test cycle. The vehicle is expected to perform seamlessly even when subjected to temperatures as low as -40 Celsius and as high as 48 Celsius and at attitudes as high as 13, 000 ft.

It’s clear the new Defender derived a lot elements in terms of design from the modern Land Rover and Range Rover models. There are other details as well that will clearly make the car stand out in the crowd. The headlights, for example, almost resemble a clear round headlamp with small indicator bulbs to the side, even though added to the main unit unlike the classic Defender.

Similarly, around the back, the tail lights appear to be designed in a similar way to those of the car that the new Defender will replace. Besides, you can gain access to the luggage bay through the sides taper towards the roof.

The four-door test car is offered with a large, completely flat bonnet covered by heavy cladding, with a slim grille below. The familiar Land Rover vents can be seen behind the front wheel arches and the windows are positioned back from the boxy shoulder line, which hints more substantial cladding on the doors.

Despite the similarities it shares with the old model, it is clear that Land Rover does not want to create a prototype of the original. The idea is to bring in something retro, instead of producing a copy-cat. It will be something that will raise the status of Land Rover to a new height.

Though the launch date is not yet confirmed, Land Rover declares that the customers will take delivery in 2020. Prices are confirmed yet as well for the new Defender.

Over the car seems impressive. Be sure to treat it to Land Rover service Greensboro NC for check-up and maintenance at regular intervals.

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