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Enjoy Them While You Can – 5 Endangered Car Features That’ll Soon Disappear

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As technology evolves at a rapid pace, vehicles have come more sophisticated these days. While new technologies are coming up, the old ones are getting obsolete. Mercedes Benz Greensboro enlisted the following five technologies that will soon be extinct.

Manual Handbrake: As technology progresses, the old good manual handbrake will soon be a thing of past. With an increasing number of cars coming equipped with electronic parking brakes, manual handbrake has almost lost its significance. Ever since the introduction of electric parking brake in BMW 7 Series in 2001, the feature became very popular among mainstream manufacturers as well. Now it can be found in various models from VW, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, and others.

CD Players: With a good number of cars having adopted exclusive smartphone compatibility, the CD player will soon disappear. Even though Volkswagen still retains this application, most of the cars bid adieu to CD players. The introduction of Bluetooth and USB connectivity is supposed to be the reason behind the slow demise of this technology.

Now, you can easily access your favorite music via Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or voice control without requiring to dig around in the glovebox for the desired CD.


Mummy, did you see my car keys?

No, Johny, you left it in 2002.

Imagine how our children will react when they will know about this small piece of metal and plastic to start the car. The keyless technology will rule the world. Even today, when the technology is at its budding stage, it can easily perform a number of tasks without manual effort – whether it is to unlock the doors or start the engine with the press of a button. As with automatic handbrakes, the best systems are completely seamless to operate, while some brands including Volvo already use remote starting via an app on your phone or tablet. Bring your Mercedes Benz in at an auto body shop for Mercedes-Benz service Greensboro.


Smoking is injurious to health.

With government and health advocates leading a campaign against smoking, automakers choose to remove this standard features, making it relegated to the status of options. This means customers have to pay an extra buck to have them fitted.

Wing Mirrors: Fenders mirrors or wing mirrors were quite popular in Japan. Until 1983, almost every passenger car had these rear view mirrors sitting on the front wheels. As with the front bench seats, it was fashion that killed them too.

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