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The 2018 Range Rover Velar Bows to Performance Perks

2018 Range Rover Velar

The 2018 Land Rover Range Rover Velar is a mid-size luxury SUV and a pretty gorgeous machine. The interior is impressive with more expressive details, lines, and colors, without any mess. Inside or out, it’s eminently refined and polished and will be a benchmark for other Range Rovers.

The new Velar comes without door handles, curvy lines and frippery in favor of a clean profile and basic interpretation on proportions. The hood looks impossibly long for an SUV. Copper accents on the front fenders are painfully on-trend, but you can cover it with an optional black package if you don’t like it this way, advises one of the Land Rover Service experts.

Inside, the Velar is modern and clean with brushed aluminum accents including an unbroken span of leather on the upper dash, and an understated center console. It also comes with a 20 inches touchscreens fitted into the center console. High-tech and elegant are not mutually exclusive.

It’s in the details that Range Rover starts to complicate the interior of the Velar, but not excessively. A new diamond perforation pattern on the seats repeats the Union Jack across the hides, a texture with hundreds of raised ridges adorns the dash as an option. An optional premium cloth serves as notice: the Velar is a new standard.

Range Rover Velar Interior

Powered by a choice among two turbo-4 engines or a supercharged V-6, the Velar delivers massive power through a standard 8-speed automatic and all-wheel drive. Most Land Rover Range Rover Velars come with a supercharged V-6 under the hood that gives forth 380 horsepower and 332 pound feet. It is capable of sprinting 60 mph in 5.3 seconds, but it doesn’t feel that fast. At full chatter, it does not produce any noise, thanks ti its sound-deadening material and a sublime sound system.

All Velar models are trimmed opulently. The front seats are all day comfortable. High trims get an optional cloth material that could appeal to eco-conscious buyers, or painfully trendy luxury shoppers. With the rear seats up, the Velar offers 34.4 cubic feet of cargo, or 70.1 cubic feet with the seats folded down.

To keep the vehicle in top-notch condition, take it to the nearby Land Rover service Greensboro NC.

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