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Treat Your Audi with Recommended Maintenance and Servicing

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Staying on top of your vehicle’s Scheduled Maintenance is the best way to keep your new or pre-owned Audi in good working condition. It is also extremely essential to help protect the value of your Audi and your investment. By taking the vehicle to the authorized Audi repair specialists, you can be assured that your vehicle repairs will be performed to the highest specifications.

Routine inspection of your Audi is the great way to ensure a smooth ride down the road for years. Keeping abreast of the condition of your vehicle and its components will help reduce the chances of future breakdowns and repairs, saving you time and money down the road.

Consider a Multi-Point Inspection and Road Test Service:

Performing Multi-Point visual inspection can be a great way to discover the issues to be fixed. Consider doing the following:

  • Check Interior and Exterior Lights
  • Check Fluid Levels
  • Check Brakes and Tires for Wear
  • Check Cabin, Fuel, and Air Filters
  • Check Battery Condition
  • Visual Inspection for Leaks and Overall Condition of Vehicle

As the Audi brand focuses on luxury and performance, the recommended service intervals are quite close together. Bringing the Audi to an trusted Audi Greensboro NC Specialist will enable you to identify the right time when the service is required. Because the recommended service intervals calculated by manufactures are usually based on regular driving conditions, you may need even more frequent services performed. Unlike average vehicles, your Audi’s engine requires more care and attention, especially when you are driving in a dusty or cold area.

As per the 2017 maintenance plan, every 10, 000 miles Audi vehicles must undergo minor or standard maintenance procedures that keep the engine running optimally. According to the new plan, it is also imperative to have certain safety features checked for functionality every two years. Make sure brake fluids are replaced after regular intervals. Every seven years, certain models must have their battery connectors inspected and replaced. For those who are driving an older Audi, they may need to be more frequent with the servicing and maintenance so that they can extend the life of the vehicle.

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