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DIY BMW E90 Split Armrest Install

DIY: Split Armrest Install

F.Y.I…there are parts that will come w/ the armrest that won’t be needed (..i.e…extra rods, some spring contraption, etc.). You can reuse the rods that were on the stock armrest.
Remove the rear climate controls by grabbing it along the top and the sides, and pulling gently. Be careful not to break the clips.

Using a pair of pliers, grip the small metal rods and push toward the outside. The outside tip of each rod is grooved to help it stay in place. That is the reason that it must be pushed to the outside. Remove the stock armrest by lifting out and up.

A side-by-side comparison of the stock armrest vs. the split euro armrest.

Put the euro armrest in place, and install the metal rods in the reverse fashion in which you removed them. Use the pliers to pull the rod towards the inside so that the grooved ends will mate with the housing of the center console.

A completed picture of the install pre-climate control reassembly.

Climate control reassembled.

A photo of the armrest, e-brake handle, and shift knob installed.
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